Date: 2009-08-14 12:59 am (UTC)
I love these top-five memes! I'm just about to embark on the insanity of doing it myself :D Your list of favorite films is very interesting. I think for me, I would have to put the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy and probably Kieslowski's "Trois Couleurs" trilogy and "Das Leben der Anderen" on the list, because they are films that I come back to over and over again.

One thing I love about Norway are FJORDS! Because that's just an awesome word. Plus, it just looks so beautiful! I am still longing to visit - I hope to imbue the Dauphin with my own fixation on Vikings so that in a few years, he will clamor for a visit to the Viking lands :D (Though hopefully he will not personally take up pillaging as a hobby!)

I love "Laura" so I definitely want to check out 'where the Sidewalk Ends" - I feel that Dana Andrews is very underappreciated :D (And on the war-movie front, I think we've discussed this before, but I lovelovelove "The Best Years of Their Lives" and I would add also the German "Stalingrad" and I absolutely agree with your assessment of "Der Untergang" which is a deeply unsettling movie on many different levels!) I'm jotting down the other titles so I can see if I can find them!!

P.S. Have added "Come and See" to my Netflix queue; on that note, have you ever read Catherine Merridale's Ivan's War? It made a very powerful impression on me!
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