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Birthdate:Aug 8

If it's historical and visual I tend to love it. Truth be told, the love is such that history and visuality are what I do for a living. I also curate in museums

Expect images, museums, films, photographs and exhibitions

Tends to be interested in the history of war, from Napoleon to WWII and war films. A condition that was not helped by watching Band of Brothers...

First sci-fi loves consisted of Babylon 5 and Star Wars. Has since ventured in to other places, but one likes to return home once in a while.

Somehow everything I do tends to end up with a reference to the period 1820-1920. 'tis curious.


Parts of this journal is locked, usually the personal stuff.

As for friending - please do. Just drop me a line in one of the open posts about where you found me. I'm curious like that.


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