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With some films the sheer beauty of the cinematography is the main reason why I love the films. of course the story and the acting helps, but I've always been a sucker for images and love it when I can indulge in gorgeous visuals. So I figured that instead of writing about the film, I'd screen cap parts of them instead. That makes this post rather image heavy, but it is also the only way to do the beautiful cinematography justice.

Blade Runner - the Final Cut

I finally got around to watch the 2007 cut of Blade Runner, and though I will admit to have lost track of which version contains what, I still love the film with a passion. To be honest I find it hard to picture much of modern space opera without it - especially Firefly and BSG lifts whole aspects of their style from the film.

But what I really adore about Blade Runner, and what is usually Ridley Scott's (only) saving grace, is his visual world building. He has this continuous knack of getting things to look good - and few places is this more apparent than in Blade Runner, which in a sense is more icon than movie.

And rewatching Blade Runner it occurred to me that the modern version of Battlestar Galactica owes just as much to this film as the original series. In that vein it should be noted that the film contains:

The requisite Adama... well as odd pigeon metaphors at the end.


The German director F. W. Murnau consistently made films that were highly visual, and that often had a supernatural theme. This resulted in some stunning cinematography - like in Faust. It is a retelling of the tale of Faust who sells his soul, and Murnau uses the tale for all it is worth to include alchemy, heavy religious symbolism and some of the more stunning special effects of its time.


The great combo of the supernatural and early cinema also produced the wonderful and weird Swedish silent film Häxan or Witchcraft through the Ages. The film proposes to tell in a lecture like manner the story of witchcraft and analyse it via the science of psychoanalysis. Complete with numerous images of naked women worshipping devils or course.


Films watched in 2009.
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